Guess what time it is…

I love Sister Hazel. I’ve decided on this as my summer anthem, because it’s just fun and puts me in mind of good times without complications.

This one’s been added to my Carly Rae Jepson/Flo Rida ft Sia/La Roux rotation. Shut it.

Another fun summer tune; he put on a great show at Old Port Fest, and this was one of the songs he played.

I was reminded of this one last night; I’d forgotten what an incredible song it is.

And what’s 4th of July without a lil Martina? Happy Independence Day, all; hope it is a beautiful one for each of you.

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One Response to “Guess what time it is…”

  • Comment from Colin

    Damn you now I have Call Me Maybe stuck in my head. *goes off to play some Clash to get it out*

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