Had a really good meeting with a representative from the USM Veterans Resource Center; he took a stack of my business cards, and I’m going to prepare an e-blast for him to send out to the veteran student population about my writing services. I’m hopeful that this will be the start of an ongoing relationship that will benefit a community in need and also allow me to build my professional collection of work.

I also went for a walk tonight to clear my head and, whaddayaknow, it kinda worked. I took pictures along the way (creepy kid out with the camera at night, I know, whatever), which you can see in all their glory on my Exploring Portland Pinterest board. Now a quick hot shower, a bit of reading, and bedtime for this kid.

Jonah day.

Usually my daily reading is either something that really resonates with some part of my life in the very moment, or something I can apply to a situation I’ve experienced with a family member or loved one and reframe my thoughts about what transpired in some positive way. Today’s reading is a load of horse manure and I want to throw the book out the window, except there’s no way this tiny volume would do anything but bounce right off the glass and probably bonk me in the face. The way my day is going, I would likely get a corner in the eye and wind up blinded or something.

I’m still tempted.