Night off.

I don’t ever really get one, but sometimes I give myself permission to skip whatever I felt was necessary on the grown-up list. Sometimes a girl just needs to slip into comfy jammies and ridiculous slippers and prop up some pillows and curl up with the heating pad and knit and watch Wall-E. So that’s what I’m doing. Because sometimes the grown-up tasks and the grown-up thinking and the grown-up everything is stupid and needs to go away for a minute. So there. I shall resume being grown-uppish tomorrow.



… too much life happens in a couple of days to compose a pithy post that sums it up adequately. So I give you more music.

Kimbra: Melissa posted this song a couple of weeks ago and it’s become one of my kickoff songs on a daily basis.

Gotye, Somebody That I Used to Know. Interestingly enough, this features Kimbra – sweet segue, no?

And one more Florence + the Machine – the lyrics and vocals so perfectly express rawness and need and… yeah.