Sick kid.

Just when I thought I’d managed to escape the claws of the plague that has run rampant around the office and even through our home, it remembered me. I’d hoped for a few days that it was allergies, but today the sinus pressure, hot and heavy eyelids, and fatigue took over. Came home a couple of hours early and slept for a solid four hours, got up and made Joshua dinner, forced down some alka seltzer night cold stuff (man, that is some nasty shit), and am headed for my now nightly bubble bath. This cold will not replace my enjoyable self-care with gross medicine, dammit!

I finished Ready Player One today and am hoping to write a little about it on FolioFiles this weekend, and am partway into Maus, which I found at Yes books on Saturday. I can already tell I’m going to want the rest of the series. I love discovering new (to me) authors!


Um, I’d say cold medicine, but it’s not working yet. Let’s make that tentative.

The world of graphic novels, which I’ve only just begun to explore.

Hot bubble baths and soft blankets to slip under afterward.

Justin the librarian and his rad dad, who replaced Joshua’s glasses for us. How awesome is that??? I feel pretty lucky to know some truly good-hearted, genuine people in a world that often seems devoid of kindness.

Joshua’s self-sufficiency and trustworthiness. Which means I *can* be sick and rely on him to do the stuff he knows he’s supposed to, and not to burn the building down while I rest.